Fueled by passion to create a fresh excitement for people who enjoy dressing up in a boyish yet sophisticated functional way, Bangkok-based BOYPLAIN Group was initially named after that fundamental philosophy by Boripat "Nutt" Singkeaw, a graduate from the School of Fine and Applied Arts, Bangkok University, whose interests in drawing and fashion designs had begun to grow immensely since his university years. Co-founded by Tewit "Benz" Phanitprachaya, a graduate from the Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University, who is passionate about fashion industry management and publications, BOYPLAIN GROUP is a brainchild of two young, inquisitive kindred-spirits who fancy creating what they don't feel a second wasted doing.

Established in 2014, BOYPLAIN aims to provide top-notch quality menswear products and accessories line that reflects a shared lifestyle of young individuals upon the conceptual reinterpretations of masculinity, playfulness and simplicity in an ever-modern context. With constantly determined outlook, BOYPLAIN has since steered towards creating a cornucopia of inspirations we find captivating and worth forwarding, experimentally transferring each of them into a piece of artistic work. BOYPLAIN’s philosophy is to constitute visualised perceptible urbanist verisimilitude through the realm of contextualised garments in which every piece crafted is heaving with thought-provoking, adolescence-inspired stories behind and is accented with a concept of redefined boyhood and a discernible trace of teenage rebellion.

Bringing together fresh air of playful youth and unapologetic mischief, BOYPLAIN’s attempt to inject a hint of a tongue-in-cheek attitude and a slyly sophisticated sense of humor is manifest in countless designs saturated with a conceptual imagery of modern youth and outgoing personality. Unflinching, articulative and unmuted, BOYPLAIN always encourages every individual to translate their strength and desire to celebrate his or her own organic self––which is requisite in marking and stabilizing one’s own identity––into a well-chosen style of positive energy and fluidity that enhances self-assurance and is analogous to appreciating one’s own being. Through vivid color palettes and uncompromising renditions come complete with off-kilter constructions, gimmicky details and design practicality that are predominantly instrumental in establishing a riveting style of outfitting oneself with confidence and self-contentment.

“Simply put, each collection’s inspiration stems from our everyday curiosities; whether it be something we’ve read recently or something we were crazily eavesdropping on out of total strangers at social functions. We just cannot coerce ourselves to ponder on something we’re not fascinated with, just because it’s what people are currently following. If it must really be that way, there must be grounds we think solid enough to let us try sleeping on a night or two."