BOYPLAIN – Spring/Summer 2015

In dire need of a cup of coffee to kick off your day? Cafés these day are undeniably served as everyone's sanctuary to quench their thirst. Is that it? Of course not. Not only do they treat your caffeine-driven passion with a mug of robust Espresso but the ambience of how aromatic coffee beans smell also plays an integral role for your leisure time-off. A working space, a relaxing corner, a friend rendezvous--you name it--cafés are of multi-purposed functionalities: one of its perks is to wash away your inner-city angst.

Therefore, the collection's brainchild of Spring/Summer 2015 by Boyplain under the theme “Caffeinated” takes inspiration from fun-loving vibes of ubiquitous coffee shops including all-encompassing stuff spanning from piles of vintage-tinged bakery drawings to tea-slash-coffee paraphernalia sketches, to name just a few. Expect all prints to be genuinely hand-drawn with cutting-edge calligraphy printing techniques while the colour choice is largely themed by the warmth of earth-toned hues standing against the blossom pastel-based tones. On top of that, Boyplain-esque folks will enjoy stylising their appearances with the help of classy-yet-frisky looks that go fittingly in vogue to fulfill every of your decaffeinated moments.