BOYPLAIN – Fall/Winter 2015

The collection ventures through the creative eyes of the fresh, young “heartthrobs” whose every glance steals the hearts of young ladies. The collection embraces the silhouette of ‘50s Western fashion with a touch of details borrowed from the Ivy League’s uniforms, reinterpreted through BOYPLAIN’s signature graphic prints and geometric lines. 

Ivy League is a contingent of eight private, high-education institutions in the Northeastern United States. Founded in 1935, the Ivy League was originally the name of the athletic conference of those institutions: Harvard University, Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, to name but a few. Besides their athletic alliance, the Ivy League has long been regarded as one of the most powerful alliances in the western hemisphere. Ivy League has risen to become the status of noblemen who come complete with charm, wealth and intelligence as if they were textbooks that hide away coming of age-ness, unapologetically undemocratic behavior and demarcated freeform between pages.