BOYPLAIN Fall/Winter 2017
Experimental fabrics meshings, various styles of pattern making are what brings forth different scopes of creativity.
BOYPLAIN Spring/Summer 2017
The collection sets headed in search of the summer night spirit with a cluster of blinding stars amidst a clear sky night.
BOYPLAIN Fall/Winter 2016
A dialogue of a social phenomenon, the collection steers its attention towards questioning the boundaries of freedom of speech.
BOYPLAIN Spring/Summer 2016
The translation of a utopian society, where the globalisation era is awash with a multitude of careless interpretations on various subjects.
The collection embraces the silhouette of ‘50s Western fashion with a touch of details borrowed from the Ivy League’s uniforms.
BOYPLAIN Spring/Summer 2015
The collection takes inspiration from fun-loving vibes from ubiquitous coffee shops.